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If a guy from the 80's was in a comma and woke up now, what would they think about all the clean shaven women?
would he find it attractive or would it scare him.
They would probably be scared of getting arrested for guy molestation... don't have to worry about me though, it's like a jungle down there...
Do women like clean shaven men or men with facial hair?
Do women like clean shaven men or men with facial hair?
my gf likes my 5 o clock shadow. So clean but just a little rough
Women: What do you like better: clean shaven or facial hair?
I read somewhere that 80% of women (including me...) prefer clean shaven. But not 80% of guys are clean shaven, so what's that all about???
Women generally prefer clean shaven.
Do women like a man clean shaven?
Uk like how Men want Women clean shaven,
It probably really depends on how the facial hair looks like and how much, and it depends on the women. I personally like to be very clean shaven.
Do women like men to be clean shaven or have some hair?
e.g do women like mustaches
small beards
or women like a clean shaven guy?
Clean shaven or five o' clock shadow/very short beard at the most. I find moustaches and long weird beards repulsive, just my opinion and taste.
It's probably obvious that men like Clean Shaven Women, But?
Guys like women to shave "down there" , from my experience, almost all men like that.

How do women feel about doing it, and also, would women want men to do the same thing?

Would women like a man who is 'bare' down there?

The perv in me , made me ask! lol!
I think it all depends on the person. It's an individual thing. Some women like it, some don't. Some men like it, some don't. You just have to talk with each other and see what each would like to try and see with the other. It doesnt have to be permanent.... thats for sure. Might be fun to just check it out.... no harm done. Just remember, whats good for the goose is good for the gander. :) And just to warn ya.... growing back in can be a very itchy experience. LOL
Do you guys like clean shaven women?
I personally like a vertical strip to guide me!
You again??? lol.

I frankly couldn't care less. 'VW Beetle Bonnet' or 'the Amazon', 'Landing Strip' or 'Well Kept Garden' doesn't really compare to a great personality and a fondness for a 'Crispy Duck'. lol.

As long as she's kind, caring and genuine, she could look like a bulldog chewing a wasp, for all I care. Yes I do have taste, but there are things more important to me. Maybe I'm being a little extreme, but I'm making my point (I hope).

In short, clean shaven isn't something I find more of a turn-on, but I'd definitely give it a go, if she's nice in every other way.
What do women prefer in men? Clean shaven or some fuzz face?
I love my fuzz face! Gee. there were Italian girls I knew in seventh grade that had better mustaches then than I do now! Won't go on bought the hairy arms they had.
Lazy men have fuzz, perhaps smelly B.O. will be next. These new fads are unfair to the old geezers, we had to be prim and proper or we were considered bums.
Do most women prefer clean-shaven men?
It seems that most women like a clean shaven man. They might put up with or even like a well trimmed goatee or the like, but they'd usually really rather have them clean shaven?
I have a goatee, and it makes shaving more work. I did it for my ex, and know I'm thinking of shaving it.
I like a nice smooth clean shaven face. It looks neater and cleaner. I will tolerate a goatee but no full bushy mustache and beard. Ewww!

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