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Am I the only one with a sock fetish?
I'm a married man with a secret. I have a fetish for female socked feet. I love to see a girls feet in socks but most of all I love it when they smell. I told my wife this when we got married and she's pretty open to it. She'll come home after a hard day at work and kick off her shoes and rub her socked feet in my face and it's the greatest. Anyone else get a kick out of it?
I am 48 yrs old and have had a sock fetish since I was a teenager. I have had some fetishes that have come and gone over the years but I have always loved socks and it is strong as ever. Every woman I have been with for any amount of time has been cool about it and supported it. My present girlfriend(of 4 years) loves that socks turn me on and loves to wear the ones that really turn me on when we have sex. I love sheer white knee socks and we use them on her gorgeous feet and calves as foreplay. However I don't like smelly socks though this fetish appears to be quite common. I recently found a site called sockdreams.com that retails every sock imagineable with tons of female foot pics.
I have a thing for hot female legs but to embarassed to admit it to anyone? Help?
Should I be embarassed? I know there are worse fetish's out there but I'm ashamed. I mean I like a woman with a nice chest but mainly look at the face, hair and eyes. I also have a thing for a woman in like sexy tube, striped socks or fishnets. I mean I find it attractive for some strange reason. But then I find a women with nice breast attractive and amazing too!

Am I different or is this pretty normal?
no thats fine.
dont sweat it man :P
Male trample male, or Maple trample Female?
can you guys post links of videos where there are Male trampeling other males or males trampling females.

Also post videos of males dominating people with there feet.

or males "force foot/sock/shoe sniffing other males or females.

Yea i have a foot fetish lol.. please i really want to watch thiese videos.

Thank you!
Um, yeah, try google
Name suggestions for both my cats?
1 is male, and quite a handful. He is constantly knocking over trash cans, frequently unravels toilet paper, has torn up my shower curtain, and has a fetish for dirty socks he takes right out of the laundry. The female is a lot friendlier, so cute and cuddly, and not nearly the pain in the butt her brother is.
Bonnie and Clyde
I want to rub my female friends feet?
ok so i have a crush on one of my female friends,and to my knowledge she doesent know about my foot fetish,but i badly wanna rub her feet. its winter now so she doesent wear open toed shoes no more,but ya i just wanna get her to take her shoes and socks off and let me rub her feet. how can i do this? thanks
dont listen to the ignoramous you dont need therapy. thats like saying guys who like girls boobs need therapy. i have a foot fetish for female feet also, and i honestly wouldnt have it any other way. its just like liking boobs and butts and legs, its a sexy part of the female body. hmm try inviting her over your house and make sure she takes her shoes off and your alone. talk with her and what not maybe turn on the tv and tell her youve been told that you give great foot massages and ask her if she wants a foot massage to get feedback. if all goes as planned when your done say something like yea ill give you a foot massage anytime.
Is any female interested?
I would just like to know if any females would be interested in being my foot fetish partner. I love to suck toes and I give great foot massages. I prefer girls aged 18 to 35 years of age. If you have longish toes, nice feet, skinny ankles and pairs of white socks and would love to have your feet worshiped by me, I would love to hear from you. As i am very passionate about feet, please don't pick on me. If you are not interested, just say no. I also like receiving foot-jobs from the right girl.
If you are afraid of criticism … say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.
Gay thoughts and male foot fetish as a straight teenage boy?
I'm 17, perfectly happy with my girlfriend and I love women more than anything else (have done since i can remember). Like any other guy, as I grew older I began to have certain fetish's (e.g. feet) but then I realised I had a sock fetish. For some odd reason, I got turned on by male feet in socks and that's when it all started.

Since a few years I've been turned on my male feet and spoke to other guys Online about it, who were usually gay. Lately I've had this really bad and extreme paranoia that I'm gay, why else would I get turned on about men's feet and male foot fantasies.

I DON'T want to be gay, I KNOW I'm not gay but still keep getting troubled by stupid and worrying thoughts. I have nothing against gay people but I know deep down I'm not into men and its some form of HOCD but I need help getting over it. I've herd these years build up who you are and I don't want to grow up into a man thinking gay desires are okay.

I only act on my male foot fetish when I'm horny and once I'm satisfied I sort of regret it and I know i love female feet too. But lately I get turned on by any male feet as much as female feet, what's worse is the thought of actually being attracted to men in general. As much as I'd appreciate a hot girl walking by, I've almost pushed myself into thinking guys can be good looking too.. THAT'S NOT ME and gets me thinking too too much (worries the **** out of me).

Any female attraction is fine, but what's with this growing temptation towards male feet and gay thoughts! It's getting real serious now and it only seems to be getting worse, I need some answer as to why I'm experiencing this (I know puberty and all those hormones stories).

Much appreciated!
Unlike society and the media that will tell you all sexuality is easily and readily compartmentalized into clearly definable pigeonholes, life just isn't like that. Humans by their very nature are walking contradictions. We can observe within our own individual behaviors inconsistencies that make us uncomfortable or at least doubtful of what our true motivations, wants and desires are.

I wouldn't worry about it. You can be a predominantly str8 guy who likes men's feet in socks. SOCIETY may define you as a freak but by my estimation you are simply being... YOU. No one is like you, nor embodies all your thoughts, beliefs, dreams, fears, motivations and convictions. You are an INDIVIDUAL; recognize that. The fact that you think you are "not normal" tells me that you've essentially bought into the belief that in order for society to work, all people must meet all specifications and standards to be considered a legitimate member of society. That's BS.

No one really CARES about your foot fetish (and I guarantee you, there are more people like you out there) and you shouldn't either.

P.S. Just because you like guy's feet in socks does NOT make you gay. If you were to tell me you really REALLY liked having sex with men in socks and wanted to spend the rest of your life with a hunky guy who feet look awesome in socks, I might tell you there's the slight possibility that you're gay. But from what you've told me, you're just a guy who likes women and guy's feet in socks. Quit trying to define it, defend it and analyze it; simply BE who you are. That's the most ANYONE can (or SHOULD) ask of you.
Isn't this a cooperative hypothesis of why there are Homosexuals?
It is not a gene but simply what we see in nature just makes us attracted to it.

For example: I am attracted to Female Socks, and it is because of seeing socks all the time when I was really small, and I just started getting attracted to the commonness of the socks, making me find them very attractive.

Another example: My friend claims he has an ugly girl fetish, he is attracted to girls that he thinks are really unattractive, and it is because he had seen many girls that were ugly and gotten used to it, and realized they were attracting to him.

Pedophiles could be because of the same thing. Most people that are pedophiles start "the motion" when they are 8 or 7, thinking about people of their own age, their minds just attract the differences of these ages to get used to their attraction and make it so they will like the guys their age for up until they die...

I have researched my studies and have tested it on a young male dog of mine, I surrounded my dog with plants more than anything else, up until now, he is attracted to them and does sexual things to the plants... Researches I have done show that most of the fetishes people have today were once their main surrounding or a common surrounding to them. Thus I believe I have just started a theory.
Here's a monkey wrench for your theory. I grew up on a small farm & we had many, many hunting dogs that we used for wild boar hunting. We had approximately 20 to 25 dogs for years. We all were used to having them around as long as I can remember. Today, I am deathly afraid of dogs & I hate them as well. I've had this feeling for a long time now. How do you figure that? My cousins & I all lived together in a split level house for years on this farm. Out of the ten of us 2 are gay. There was no gay activities going on in "our" group so how can that be? The rest are all straight & married with guyren. I also got married & had 2 daughters but "I" am gay. How can that be? I didn't grow up around gay life so what happened to me? I knew I guess something was different with me even when I was little. I had no idea what & not until after I was married with a chance encounter by a friend I discovered what was missing in my life which really explained a lot for me. Sooooo----my surroundings had Nothing to do with my homosexuality. It's just inside of me. All of my life for years I was totally straight & normal as far as I'm concerned. How do you explain that???
Caught this girl smelling my clothes?
I had a few friends over my house and i saw something disturbing. One of my female friends was upstairs in my laundry basket sniffing my socks and shoes... I didn't say anything to her then and there cause everyone was in the house. How would you approach this? I guess she has some kind of fetish?
Maybe she has a crush on you and thinks you smell good. I hope that's true anyway. Anything else would be to bizarre to think about. But I would cut the girl a break, it's probably innocent, but it could turn embarrassing for everyone. It's also best for you to keep your mouth shut about it, people are cruel and make fun of stuff like that. So be nice! After all if it is a fetish at least it's not yours.
How should I handle this?
My current gf is a foot model. I really didn’t know that when I first met her. Then, one day she removed her shoes and socks, and I was completely mind blown! I happen to have a ferocious fetish for beautiful female feet and toes. I haven’t told her yet…I’m a little nervous. When she’s not around, I’ve pleasured myself with her socks or nylons. Should I tell her…or not? I’m worried I will have so many unfulfilled fantasies now…
you even wondering about telling her that you have a foot fetish,is weird i don't trust you,

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