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Is there any GOOD looking latin girls in South Carolina?
Im 17, and living in boston. For some reason my mom got the brilliant idea to move to south carolina. Is there any hot latin girls there?, because if not i need to find a way to stay AWAY from there. Please help!!!
there has to be!! hmm...try mexican restaurants! i'm sure there are hot latins EVERYWHERE in the US...good luck! =]
Latin girls, hot or not?
What do you think about latin girls?
there are some fit ones and there are some dogs. same as any race
LATIN GIRLS hot or not?
i say very hot sensual spicy and passionate (and its not a stereotype)
Argentinian women... wow!
They're super elegant, oozing sex appeal, Intelligent, an accent that melts you away, and that perfect skin with dark hair and a pair of emeralds eyes looking at you... oh, man!
What latin country has the hottest latin girls?
in your opinion?
Nicaragua and Chile
Latin girls are hot what can i do to get them?
hey iam 15 of coures iam in to girls .but i want to attrack latin girls besides speaking spanish. what can i do to attrak them.P.S i look latin but iam not
just be you.most latinas either go for other latinos or blacks.but since you look like one you should be able to get one.dnt waste time just talk to them
Why does the latin girls r very hot and sexy ?
they don't hv very beautiful faces but they hv very hot bodies
Ever hear of hooked on phonics?
Which music artist/rapper has the hottest girls in his musical videos?
I would have to say pitbull.
so many hot latin girls and hot white girls..and they all look so fine and sometimes classy..esp in his song hotel room service. and they dance really well too..

any other artists who has hotter girls in his videos?
Michael Jackson has Naomi Campbell in his music vid for "In the Closet", Tatiana Thumbtzen in "The Way you make me feel" and Iman in "Remember the Time".
What ethnicity of Hispanic and Latin girls are the hottest?
What ethnicity of Hispanic and Latin girls are the hottest?
Costa Rican
Puerto Rican
or Venezuelan?
And why?
Mexican , Cuban Salvadoran, Costa Rican and Argentine girls are hot
DO you white and latin girls think beards ARE hot or do you think it should be ALL shaved (full beards)!!?
Ok i'am Pakistani and i'am half arab...i was wondering...i have a full thick you white girls or latin girls like ALL shaved...or beards..which one do you think is hotter???thanks
I believe a majority of white and latin girls prefer anything but full beards, though many like mustaches and or goatees.

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