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Where Do Women Use Vibrators Other Than in Bed and at Home?
Do women use vibrators at times other than when they're in bed or in the house?

This question came to me because I know that women do buy pocket-size vibrators, which I assume they sometimes carry in their purses.

(serious answers only)
I was a party organiser for Ann Summers for 3 years so have a few toys and an open mind! Vibes are quite noisy so the idea of under the table or in the bathroom at the office is silly. Car journies are good though but it is a bit distracting for the driver, especially if its me driving too. I do like using one when out in the countryside and away from folk. The most public place I have used one (on a few occasions) is in a nightclub in Manchester on Oxford Road. (an egg popped dow my panties and then I danced on the floor until I just about fell over! My friends all knew but other customers probably just thought I was a drunk *****!
Is it dangerous for women to use vibrators too much?
I have recently purchased an awesome vibrator that I have been using daily, multiple times a day. I am wondering if it is dangerous for me to be using it this much? Can I harm myself in any way or is it healthy? Only serious responses please. Thank you!
Here is an interesting article about vibrators, and they address your question in it, so maybe you can take a look.
How many women use vibrators?
For those that do, what age category are you in and is it because it 'easier' or 'can't be bothered or 'too tired'.
Serious question, so adult women only please.Unless you are 'that way inclined!).
they are not the three catagories you dont need a cop out lame reason to masterabate, do you because its easier cant be bothered or too tired no you **** because its just natural its for relief and sexual furfilment

most women in the deveolped world from all walks of life, im 18 and have two, my ma in law has a rabbit and shes 60, ann summers sell millions most women more than you think use one, i have sex once or twice a day and still use mine because i enjoy the endorphines it gives me energy im not lazy, when im away i use it, it works the pelvic floor muscles i see nothing wrong with it
I'm a little embarrassed about asking this but I was wondering if many women use vibrators?
I don't get to see much of my fiance because I'm a full time college student and he works crazy hours at work. I never used a vibrator before and wanted some tips on how to find the right one. I'm not looking for anything big just something that is manageable for me. I would really appreciate some advice ladies. Thanks!
Go to a nice clean reputable sex toy shop where there are women working. Don't spend a lot of money on your first one because you're not sure if you'll even like it. About $15-$30 is a reasonable price to pay. The battery operated ones that turn on by twisting a dial at the bottom are great for first timers. There is also the Mini Pearl which is hugely popular. Make sure you pop a bettery in and turn it on to make sure it works before you buy it. They are, of course, final sales.
Why do women use vibrators and is it something the man should be worried about?
im in the military and am away sometimes, should i be okay with my wife using a vibrator
Listen, if you aren't comfortable with it then there's a "comfort zone" issue that needs to be discussed calmly w/ your wife.

Do you masterbate in her absence? If you answered yes, then it should be no different for her. The same rules should apply.

For instance, women CAN use their fingers instead of a toy...but a toy makes quick work out of it....remember, women take longer to "finish" than men *usually* so for her, it's a quick stress relief when her true love is away. Same for you I assume.

When you are home however, try encorporating toys into the relationship that you BOTH can use WITH each other...that way you won't feel as "replaced" when you are home.

A vibrator is a safe addition to your bedroom, however, I would NEVER recommend replacing a partner with one... It's one thing to have you gone and use it, it's another to refuse your advances to use a toy while you are ready and willing.

There are also "Toys for boys"...Check out the GIGI in the just for men section of my site. Get a "His & Her's" Present (toy for you & her) Don't forget the lube & toys cleanser...no one wants an infection ;)


Good Luck..and remember, toys are meant to ENHANCE a relationship, open up lines of communication and NOT to replace a partner!

Heather Merritt
Passion Parties Executive Director
Car Bonus Achiever
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Can vibrators cause persistent sexual arousal syndrome ?
If a women uses vibrators a lot .can the overuse of vibrators cause her a persistent sexual arousal syndrome?what are the side effects of using the vibrators on women ?can it cause any diseases?
No. Vibrators help to stimulate blood flow throughout the genital area, so they are actually very healthy. There are no side effects, and as long as they are properly cleaned and cared for, you can not get any type of disease from using one.
Is it possible to become desensitized from using a vibrator?
If a women uses vibrator quite regularly, is it possible that she becomes less sensitive to mere stimulation of hands and maybe even unable to reach orgasm that way (needing more powerful stimulation)? Or is that a myth? What are your experiences/advices?
Serious answers only please. :)
This is totally true, you will get dependent on that feeling and then you will have to have the vibration to get off. Don't use them all the time, Maybe use a toy w/out vibration. This has happened to me, i know . I also use to work at an adult novelty store and have had many people tell me this.

Good luck :)
Why do some women not pleasure themselves?
I've read that less than half of women use vibrators or masturbate. Just wondering why so many women don't. Especially when you can't get sex regularly like if you're single or your partner is away. I don't know what I would do without my "special alone time" lol. Any reasons why women don't pleasure themselves?
Either they have yet to experience an orgasm or they just don't want to admit to it.
How do women use vibrators?
I'm serious, and curious. Do you stick it inside, what is the point of the vibration? Where do you "put it"? I know I can look on Google, but I'd prefer real answers from real people. Thanks
Lol nice question! Some women like to use it inside and other women seem to use it for clitoral stimulation. It's a matter of personal preference.

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